I created TOUCH out of necessity. My skin had been chronically dry my entire life. I suffered from eczema patches, and body acne plus the dark marks that would follow. No product I tried worked and I needed a solution.

Over time I decided to become an esthetician and while earning my esthetic license I learned cosmetic chemistry and as I started to understand my skin I began to develop my own products. As I used my homemade products my skin began to change! My eczema disappeared, my chronically dry skin became soft and supple, my stretch marks started to fade and my body acne cleared. I created products for myself, family and friends. 

It would be several years before I felt let to create TOUCH and make my products accessible to the world. All products are handmade and tested by me with love from my heart to yours.

I hope you love my products as much as I do and you allow me to “touch” your heart and change your skin.

Love, Jamila